Our Community Events



7am     Aacia Ridge War Memorial, Grenier Park, Cnr Mortimer Road and Oxley Street, Acacia Ridge

OXLEY - Sherwood-Indooroopilly RSL Sub Branch

9:30am     Morning Service at Oxley Memorial Park, 1218 Oxley Road, Oxley

SALISBURY SERVICE - Salisbury RSL Sub Branch

5am     Dawn Service at Memorial Park, 23 Industries Road, Salisbury 

8am     Morning Service at Memorial Park, 23 Industries Road, Salisbury

Gunfire breakfast to follow both services.

SHERWOOD - Sherwood-Indooroopilly RSL Sub Branch

6:30am     Sherwood Cemetery, 533 Sherwood Road, Sherwood

YERONGA SERVICE - Stephens RSL Sub Branch

7:30am     Morning Service at the Cenotaph in Yeronga Memorial Park, Ipswich Road, Yeronga (entrance to park via Frederick Street)

UPDATE:  Brisbane City Council have provided a response following on from resident concern's surrounding the maintenance of the concrete lined open drain through George Tuckett Park, Rocklea and Boundary Road, Archerfield.

  • Council is aware of issues associated with sections of the concrete lined open drain downstream of Granard Road to Kookaburra Park, Rocklea and they have already listed for inclusion in future Capital Works and Drainage Programs.
  • There are patches of vegetation within the drain between Granard Rd and Marshall Rd. These however are not affecting flow or hydraulic capacity currently and are actually helping to minimise scouring behind some of the damaged panels. 
  • An earlier inspection of the lower section just before Kookaburra Park did have evidence of silt build up and this has already been cleared as part of Council’s Waterways Maintenance program. 
  • Planning is also in process for clearing of vegetation within the concrete lined drain in the section from Granard Rd to Boundary Rd  and should be undertaken this financial year.
  • Council’s Capital Works Program is for major projects that are greater than what can be delivered via the maintenance program and may require in-depth investigation, engineering designs and greater permitting requirements due to legislation etc. These types of projects are funded based upon competing priorities across the city and timeframes . As such, we cannot advise when Capital works for this section maybe funded and likely timeframes.  In the interim, this location will continue to be monitored.



Clean Up Australia Day 2023 Facebook Post










Get involved this Clean Up Australia Day Sunday 5 March 2023 by registering your own site or joining an existing site in your neighbourhood.

It's a great opportunity to help clean up our local parks, streets, bushland and beaches.

If you would like to volunteer and join at an already registered site please click on the links below: 

Acacia Ridge

Rothesay Street

Coopers Plains

Middle Street


Moolabin Creek

Pegg's Park

Veteran's Park, Tonks Street Park, & Peter Scott Skate Park


Kookaburra Park, Rocklea


Shaftesbury Street Park

Learn more by visiting Clean Up Australia Day

Last updated: 3 March 2023

Community Update - Great news for Moorooka Ward residents

The preferred design to construct a four-lane overpass at Boundary Road rail level crossing in Coopers Plains has been released following approval of the final business case by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. The $399 million project will now progress to detailed design.

Please visit: Boundary Road (Coopers Plains), rail level crossing (tmr.qld.gov.au) for a comprehensive community update including all relevant maps.

The project webpage is to be updated shortly and will include a new computer generated fly-through. 

500x354 Preferred option for business case Boundary Road overpass









500x711 Community update

The following response has been received today from Cr Tracy Davis (Civic Cabinet Chair for Environment, Parks and Sustainability) on behalf of the Lord Mayor:

▶️ Following the 16 November meeting, Council agreed to arrange a coordinated approach with the State Government on the section of Stable Swamp Creek between the footbridge in Kookaburra Park (near Tramore and Leeds Streets) and Marshall Road (the western section). A letter from Council to the State Government to commence these discussions has been sent. For your information, the northern bank of the creek in this section is largely in Council's ownership and the southern bank of the creek in the western section is entirely owned by the State Government.
▶️ As mentioned at the meeting, Council officers are working on a plan to continue the vegetation and clearing works which were previously undertaken on the Council controlled sections of the creek from the Kookaburra Park footbridge to Beaudesert Road (the eastern section).
▶️ Once this planning and design work is complete, Council will be in a position to undertake work on the western section, subject to approval and a joint funding agreement with the State Government. Given the community concerns around this, I can confirm this will be a high priority project for consideration in the next Council budget, subject to reaching agreement with the State Government.
500 x 375 Stable Swamp Creek bad side