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I am pleased to advise that as part of Council’s Congestion Busting project, traffic safety improvements for Oxley Road at Bannerman Street, Oxley are due to commence this Easter school holidays.

Investigations by Council’s Transport Planning & Strategy found that peak period traffic congestions on Oxley Road northbound could be improved if a formal right turn lane was provided at Bannerman Street. This is intended to reduce delays for northbound motorists and provide a safer arrangement for the right turning vehicles into Bannerman Street.

Improvement works to be carried out include the following:

  • Reshaping the central median island on Oxley Road, southern approach to the intersection with Bannerman Street. This will allow for the provision of the formal right turn lane and for the traffic lanes realignment.
  • Installation of two precast traffic islands and associated kerb ramps on Bannerman Street approach to Oxley Road, to assist pedestrians (especially Oxley State School students) with a safer crossing point.
  • Extension of the existing no stopping line on the southern side of Bannerman St at the corner with Oxley Road by 20 metres.
  • The new no stopping line will replace the existing school time parking ban at that location.

I appreciate the importance and significance of effective safety measures around busy school and community locations, and expect this initiative will address the concerns of local parents and residents who have raised concerns with my office.

Congestion reduction Map OxleyRdatBannermanSt.pixlr