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Great news! Some important projects are on the way in Wilcox Park and Tarragindi Reservoir.

Wilcox Park, Salisbury

🚧 Construction of a cliff edge protection fence is due to commence today in Wilcox Park, Salisbury. Approx. 380m of a small grid chainmesh fence will be installed to prevent pedestrian access to the exposed cliff face that exists along the boundary of Wilcox Park & Toohey Forest (see map below). The project will take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Wilcox Park Fence diagram Salisbury

Tarragindi Reservoir

🚒 In Feb, works will begin to construct a large 3 bay fire shed in Tarragindi Reservoir. The shed will be used to maintain council fire suppression units; equipment and consumables.

Works to thin the understory of weed grasses and emergent vegetation at the site have started. These will help reduce fire risk and restore overgrown spaces around the reservoir for public use. The location of the fire shed has been chosen to minimise tree loss (see map below). Three trees will require removal; two of which have faults that make them a long term risk, and the third is a weed species (Camphor Laurel). Onsite native plantings following the removals will offset any tree canopy loss.

📅 Construction will take approximately 3 months to complete. Keep an eye out for onsite signage with further information about the project.

Tarragindi Reservoir Fire Shed location