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The Archerfield Wetlands Discovery Trail is now open to the public!  Located in Brisbane’s south-west, the Parklands contain a variety of habitats including eucalypt forest, open grassland, freshwater wetlands, creeks, plus over 100 different bird species.

The Wetlands Discovery Trail is the first stage of the broader Archerfield Wetlands Parklands, a priority project in Brisbane City Council's Oxley Creek Transformation Master Plan

The Wetlands Discovery Trail is a low difficulty, 2.9km walking or off-road cycling trail taking visitors through the floodplain environment, past open grassland landscapes, Forest Red Gum bushland, over creeks and along the riparian edge of Oxley Creek.

Recommended car parking is available on Factory Road (near the intersection with Alban Street) Oxley, with approximately 10 car parking spaces.  Visitors can also informally park on the roadside verge of Bowhill Rd next to the entry of the Trail at the opposite end.

Formal car parking (including parking for people with disabilities) is proposed to be provided within the future District Park development. New facilities included in this development include a large adventure play space featuring water play area, a youth hub and basketball court, an event lawn and a catchment centre focussing on environment rehabilitation of Oxley Creek Catchment.  Construction works are scheduled to commence later this year, with the project completion to be delivered by end of 2023.

Wheelchair accessibility:  Much of the trail is flat with some sections that are concrete surfaced and some sections which are gravel. The gravel sections are reasonably uniform and compacted.  The concrete sections of path occur in locations where the path is likely to be inundated during heavy and consistent rains periods.  The grassed informal parking area on the roadside verge of Bowhill Road is reasonably flat and there are no steps between the grass and the concrete path entry.

Archerfield Wetlands map