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Petition to signalise the pedestrian zebra crossing on Orange Grove Road, Salisbury (near Lillian Avenue)
I support making the pedestrian zebra crossing on Orange Grove Road, Salisbury, safer for pedestrians and vehicle users.

I'm disappointed to report that after two years there has been limited progress in the leasing of Moorooka Bowls Club. While the delay was initially due to COVID, more recently progress has been held up by Brisbane City Council who refuse to take responsibility for handing over the facility in good condition.

I have been working with a local, not for profit group, Third Space, who have been offered the facility however Council is expecting them to:
  • Take on the cost of updating the facility at a cost of $500,000 to $600,000. This is despite Council spending over $1m giving the Sunnybank Bowls Club a renovation after it became vacant!
  • Take on a facility with leaking pipes, rotting floorboards, outdated kitchen and non-accessible toilets. This is in addition to a range of other issues requiring maintenance both internally and externally.
  • Sign a ‘Confidentiality Agreement’.
What we need to remember is that the Moorooka Bowls Club is a Brisbane City Council community facility that is owned by residents. It needs to be maintained by Council.
It is unreasonable to expect not for profit community groups to have to repair and renovate Council facilities.
It is also unreasonable to upgrade facilities in some Wards but not in other Wards.
In the Council meeting this week, the Lord Mayor Schrinner’s conservative team voted against funding the renovation of the Moorooka Bowls Club, meanwhile this important community facility remains unused and idle.
Please sign the online epetition to Council supporting the renovation of the Moorooka Bowls Club:  

I’m pleased to advise the following local traffic safety improvement works have commenced to address motorist and pedestrian safety along Sherwood Road and its intersecting streets.  These improvements were identified in previous consultation with the local community.

The following works will be undertaken:

• modifying the existing traffic island to the west of the Brisbane Markets to incorporate a pedestrian cut through crossing point to allow safer pedestrian access across Sherwood Road 

• installing a new footpath on Sherwood Road, adjacent to the car park, incorporating revegetation works

• installing pedestrian splitter islands and associated line markings on Golf Links Road at its intersections with Sherwood Road

• modifying the existing traffic island on Sherwood Road between Albert Street and Melbourne Street, to incorporate a pedestrian cut through crossing point to allow safer pedestrian access across Sherwood Road

• upgrading kerb ramps, sections of footpath and turfing on Sherwood Road at its intersections with Abercrombie Street, Melbourne Street, Sperling Street, Albert Street, Carisbrook Street and Golf Links Road

• the removal of 24 trees identified as part of the project to provide adequate sightlines for all road users and pedestrians

• installation of yellow no stopping lines to improve visibility for motorists and pedestrians, and to formalise existing no parking areas. 

Works are expected to take approximately eight weeks to complete (weather permitting) and will be undertaken between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please direct any questions about this project to the project team on 1800 669 416 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sherwood Road Rocklea suburban corridor improvement map